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We have provided an overview of the services offered by Roaring Penguin Products, all of which are easy to sell, setup and support.

This web based system allows you to set filter policies and review spam quarantine. In addition every user receives a customisable spam quarantine report by email. By Partnering with CT Wholesale to offer Roaring Penguin anti-spam products, you can be rest assured of exceptional customer service and support.

We can offer flexible spam and virus blocking, automatic daily updates and unparalleled end-user control via a 24/7 live control panel.

We promise to provide you with best products and support at the best possible price. There are of course optional extra’s for ultimate email security, but there are no additional hidden costs.

There is also no better way to see the results, than by giving it a try. We can provide a 30 day free trial to an unlimited number of users to test the new software. CT Wholesale will also be able to provide a demonstration of the how the control panel is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the software. You are under no obligation and no charge is made at the end of your trial. Making a payment is all you need to do to continue using the service. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Spam and Virus Protection

Email Spooling

Targeted Threat Protection

Data Leak Prevention

Email Encryption

Content Controls

Email Continuity

Spam and Virus Protection

Roaring Penguin products can identify and block spam and viruses. A comprehensive set of security layers ensures that your business remains productive in the face of evolving threats.

As virus attacks become more sophisticated and complex, email infrastructure requires advanced virus protection. The potential for destruction and release of information, or the disruption of a network severely impacts productivity and can lead to financial loss.

The anti-spam solutions eliminate annoying, offensive and malicious emails and viruses, whilst never losing a valid email.

All of Roaring Penguins spam blockers use advanced spam filtering to block spam at the gateway before it even reaches your users. Because it is a gateway system there is no need to install anything on client desktops.

Junk email is not just a harmless nuisance; they can be the carriers of viruses into your network and clients desktops. In a worst case scenario it can take over your computers and use them to send spam to other computers.

Features include:

  • Leading edge spam filtering techniques – which stop a significant percentage of incoming spam at the connection level. This feature eliminates time inspecting actual contents of the spam and does not waste significant processing power
  • Individual quarantines for each mailbox
  • Filter for SMTP
  • Automatic updates of the software and rule sets
  • Roaring Penguin Training Network (RPTN) utilises a shared Bayesian database*

*Aggregated Bayesian data is collected from a worldwide network of ISPs and Universities

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Email Spooling

Roaring Penguin’s Spam Firewall ensures that email is retained during email server failures or loss of connectivity. In the event of on premise disruption, email can be spooled in the cloud for up to 5 days. Once your email server or connectivity is restored all valid email will be delivered and no email will be lost.

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Targeted Threat Protection - Instant protection from spear-phishing and targeted attacks by email

Roaring Penguin's Targeted Threat protection is an advanced email security technology that protects users against spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email. This service re-writes all URLs embedded in email, extending the existing Secure Email Gateway anti-spam and anti-virus services. This robust protection has some key advantages;

  • Instant Protection. It stops targeted attacks and spear phishing across all devices, desktop and mobile
  • Real-Time Protection. URL scanning provides protection each time a link is clicked
  • Rapid Deployment. Centrally managed without the need for additional infrastructure
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Data Leak Prevention - Controlling the flow of sensitive information is a vital protection for intellectual property and compliance

Compliance requirements necessitate the use of extra layers of protection for sensitive information. In addition a key element of security best practice is the ability to prevent confidential information from entering or leaving the business through email. It’s still far too easy for end users to maliciously or accidentally disclose sensitive, personal or confidential information to the outside world by email.

Mitigating this vulnerability requires specialist gateway controls, which are not normally part of a standard email security service.

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Email Encryption – Encrypt your email for secure private email controls to keep your business information safe and compliant

Email can travel a long way before it hits your inbox. With Roaring Penguin's products you can be safe in the knowledge that only the authorised recipient with the correct password can read the message providing true mailbox to mailbox security.

Demand for encryption is growing as more businesses rely on their intellectual property and proprietary information as an asset and is seen as standard or best practice for those businesses required to protect their data to the maximum extent possible and achieve the utmost confidentiality.

Businesses can also share secure information with third parties using Roaring Penguin’s Closed Secure Messaging Platform which delivers automatic secure communications for external parties, without email ever transiting the Internet and without needing to share keys or install cumbersome software.

Other benefits include;

You can use your existing email address and server infrastructure and can integrate RP products seamlessly in Outlook using the Secure MS Outlook Toolbar.

  • Only the employees that need to communicate securely need to be enabled
  • Just one click of the ‘send secure’ button in outlook is necessary to encrypt and send a message
  • Once an email has been encrypted, the entire thread will continue to be encrypted
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Content Controls - Protecting users from offensive content

Email content controls can be defined in two groups. Corporate control that is compliance driven for regulation and looks for specific words or phrases. User protection control that is used to stop end users being exposed to offensive email content or images.

Roaring Penguin's Content Controls enhance the level of protection offered to your end users

  • Scan emails for explicit content – to protect users from abuse and inappropriate language in their corporate email inbox
  • Scan for structured content – policy controls that allow you to scan emails based on the content of dictionaries / regular expression searchable terms
  • Hold back emails with checking policies at the gateway for potential approval or continued containment
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Email Continuity - Always on email takes a giant leap forwards

Downtime is unacceptable to end users as demand for connectivity increases to an all-time high. Until now, keeping email up and running has been an expensive and time consuming process, so with budgets tight, finding an easier way to keep email on has become imperative. Roaring Penguin's email continuity service will reduce recovery time, expense and complex infrastructure requirements.

Email Continuity is vital for small to medium sized businesses. Access to email, even while the corporate email server is down can be a life saver. Flexibility in terms of setting the retention period for email is also much more important for small business.